About us

Crystal Clean Group is an Independently Owned and Operated,

licensed, and insured, Health-Based Janitorial


Providing TOP NOTCH services to our

clients in the Palm Beaches, Jupiter-Tequesta, Boca

Raton and Miami.

Our Health-Based program goes

much deeper than just making your office or place

of residence look nice, we strive to create a healthy

environment that helps reduce the risk of infection

and illness.

Whether you are looking for a one-time

routine cleaning or a more complex task, at Crystal

Clean Group, we work closely with all of our

clients to develop a customized cleaning solution

that meets their specific needs and exceeds our

clients expectations. 

Our Cleaning Services:

Residential Cleaning Fully Customized Residential Cleaning Services

Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or the cleaning schedule of your


Our customized service plans can cover everything from everyday

cleaning to hard-to-reach spots and deep cleaning tasks.

Our services cover all rooms, including:

Our services cover all rooms, including:




Home offices

Laundry rooms



Home gyms

Home Theaters

Our standard house sanitizing and cleaning service includes:

Dusting: furniture, shelves, decor, window ledges, blinds, lamps, light fixtures,

ceiling fans, baseboards, and more.

Wiping: doors, doorframes, counters, major appliances, doorknobs, light

switches, and other surfaces using our color-coded Microfiber rags with the

purpose of picking up 99% of dirt and GERMS and prevent cross contamination.

Vacuuming: floors, carpets, rugs, stairs, and upholstered furniture using our HEPA

backpack vacuums guaranteed to remove 99.97 % of particles down to .3 microns

while helping improve air quality.

Scrubbing: grout, tile, sinks, showers, and bathroom fixtures.

We also mop, clean out cobwebs, and more.

We clean all surfaces including stone, granite, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.

Our Janitorial Cleaning Services Include:

Daily carpet care

Reception area/lobby cleaning

Dusting and window washing

Office system cleaning

Waste removal

Sanitation programs

Kitchen/restroom cleaning/restocking

Hard-surface floor cleaning and maintenance

Daytime cleaning

Commercial cleaning services

Commercial Cleaning:

Crystal Clean Group offers a range of commercial cleaning

services to hundreds of clients in the South Florida area.

Janitorial services are essential for maintaining a clean and hygienic business

environment. What do we mean by a Health-Based Program?

Hospital-Graded Disinfectants: proven to kill GERMS and EPA-registered.

Color-Coded Microfiber: picks up 99% of dirt and GERMS and prevents cross-


No-Dip Microfiber Flat Mopping System: 80% better cleaning than a string mop,

Easier to clean corners and hard-to-reach places, and always uses clean solutions,

never dirty water.

HEPA Backpack Vacuum:

Removes 99.97% of particles down to .3 microns and

helps improve Air Quality.


During the pandemic, Crystal Clean Group started offering disinfecting services

following the guidelines of the CDC.

The CDC encouraged cleaning of high-touch

surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom

fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and work desks. Although many of our

competitors charged upwards of a dollar and more per square footage for

disinfecting services, at Crystal Clean Group we decided to keep our

prices below our competitors. Our goal was to provide peace of mind for all our

clients without breaking the bank during those difficult times. Our staff were

trained in Electrostatic Spray Disinfection Systems. How do electrostatic spray

disinfection systems work?

Electrostatic spray disinfection systems turn disinfectant liquid (e.g., quaternary

ammonium compounds) into aerosols and then apply a charge to each droplet so

that they are attracted to surfaces through electrostatic forces which are greater

than gravity. Such services were rendered in a variety of facility types such as

healthcare, nursing, schools, offices, and sports facilities for surface disinfection.

Carpet Care

Our unique process delivers a deeper clean to carpet fibers, without the soapy

chemicals and excessive amounts of water used by other carpet cleaners!

Introducing Whittaker: The best carpet cleaning System in the industry.

Whittaker’s Systems and CRYSTAL DRY® Chemistry are designed to keep your facility

or residence carpets in the best possible condition. Our easy-to-use carpet cleaning

machines feature a unique encapsulation technology. Whittaker’s Smart Care®

Systems are efficient and powerful, significantly reducing any inconvenience

associated with carpet cleaning – specifically noise and drying time.

Our low-moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning is a revolutionary alternative to

otherwise, disruptive, cumbersome, expensive, and inefficient carpet cleaning systems

that leave a sticky residue that can attract dirt and oils.

Several of the Whittaker encapsulation chemistries meet the Green Seal GS-

37 standard, which means its use is suitable for buildings and properties where

individuals may be vulnerable to environmental or other health challenges.